Web application is the development of computer programs that stay on remote web servers. They are delivered to the user’s device over the Internet through out the world. The freedom of Web applications is it be can accessed through out internet on any devices and does not require to be downloaded – means device independent. End user’s can access a web application through different web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc.

Combinations mostly used for development of Web apps:
1) Front End: These include client-side scripts, such as HTML, CSS, Javascript. Normally it is for displaying the content and web designs to the front end users.
2) Back End: Server-side scripts like ASP, PHP, JAVA are used to manage the storage as well as retrieval of the information throug database to front end or from front end to the database.

As internet is trending and most business or service agency make use of the internet as an affordable or economical communication channel, allowing them to exchange informations with their target audience as well as make quick, safe and secure deals. However, effective involvement is just feasible when business has the ability to capture and save all the leads and process the information with suitable data and beautiful designs as searched by the users.

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